Hi, I'm Kyle

Discovering Coffee

For the longest time I’ve been a coffee hold out. I swore that I didn’t need it to wake up in the morning. To tell you the truth I always hated the smell and taste of coffee. That was the main reason that I never started drinking it. I’ve been told over and over that it’s more of an acquired taste, which I’ve found out it is, but I never had a desire to acquire it. I still drink my fair share of tea though as if somehow that is a ton better.

All of that has come to a stop because as of a couple weeks ago I gave up and started drinking coffee. I’d like to say that it was for a great reason; maybe along the lines that I finally got over the taste. But unfortunately it’s not that kind of fairytale. When you have three kids, one being a toddler and one an infant, you need something to get you up and my tea wasn’t making the cut. No human being was meant to live on 2 intervals of 2-3 hours of sleep a night.

My wife made me my first cup and doused the coffee with vanilla creamer. I watched as it changed from a dark brown to a light tan. My wife just said “trust me you won’t mind the taste” and I drank it down.

One week later I’ve fully committed myself to having coffee in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. It helps my brain function for work and helps me keep up with my toddler in the evening. I’ll admit to keeping my cup that light shade of tan, I’m still training my taste buds to accept the fact that the rest of my body needs this brown liquid so it just needs to deal.