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Personal Values

At the end of every year, I revisit these values and think about what I hold true. I judge the actions that I've taken and made sure they continue to align with who I want to be.

Have Family & Work Integration; Personal Sustainability

Life and work are woven together, can't be separated, and make me who I am as a person. My sustainably with both is important for the energy and patience that I have and the relationships I keep with my work and family life.

Be a Teacher, Mentor & Promoter

I’ve been granted opportunities that others haven't. I want to share what I’ve learned because of those opportunities, to teach and mentor those that may not have been given the same circumstances as me. I want to afford opportunities to people that might not have had them otherwise, to promote and amplify other voices.

Be Organized & Self-Manage

I value being organized, making sure that I’m making the best use of my time and accomplishing the most I can with that time. That I’m pushing myself to become a better person and not relying on anyone else to hold me accountable for the growth that I want to achieve.

Always Be Iterating

Nothing is ever perfect, and nothing is ever done. There is always room to grow and improve in every aspect of life. I should always be reflecting on what I’ve done and analyzed what I could be doing better next time. Learning, reading, growing is part of who I am.

Be Fulfilled In What You Do

Life is short, work on the projects and with the people that challenge and empower you. What you decide to work on and who you work on it will impact your mental well being. Be selective about the projects and people that you work with, only work with those that align with your core values.

Simple is Imperfect

Everything from the clothing that you wear to the products that you use to the processes that you follow the habits that you build should be simple. Simple means ease of mind, long-lasting. It means seeing the value in what you have, relishing the wear and tear in those things because that is what makes them yours. Avoid justification of the shiny, new, perfect and only add purposefully. Avoid excess.