Hi! I’m Kyle, a product designer and strategist.

I use research and Jobs-to-be-Done to understand complex problems; then design, and implement practical solutions.

Past Projects

  • Real Simple Energy

    Rapidly validate business idea and build minimum viable product.

  • thoughtbot Website

    Design a system for content and integrate a CMS for thoughtbot's website.

  • Keep Ruby Weird

    Branding and front-end work for a local Ruby conference.

  • Ottoneu

    Re-brand and product iteration to spur growth and retention.

Recent Posts

  1. February 28, 2021

    “While more knowledge can change belief, it usually doesn’t. Belief is a cultural phenomenon, created in conjunction with the people around us.”

  2. February 27, 2021

    “There are just so many pain points creating an unsatisfactory user journey. The child goes limp when you try to lift it. It goes stiff when you try to change the clothes. It poops after it gets into the bathtub, but before it reaches the toilet.”

  3. February 20, 2021

    “If you care. If it’s generous and helpful and worth the journey.”

  4. August 16, 2020

    Using patient interviews to prioritize features for a health tech product

  5. August 08, 2020

    Cross-Cultural Design

  6. August 01, 2020

    “If you must do something, do something useful. That often means not doing, removing, minimizing, cleaning up.”

About Me

I’ve been designing web or mobile products in some form or another for over fifteen years. For about seven of those years, I’ve been managing and leading the teams I'm on. At home, I’m partner to an accomplished photographer and father to three kids and two dogs (we have a wild house).

  • I’m motivated and fulfilled working projects that align with my values.

  • I spend a lot of time reading both fiction and non-fiction.

  • Our family calls Austin home, but I grew up just north of New York City and have made my way through Boston and Philadelphia.

  • Running is an escape for me and a way to de-stress; during quarantine, I’ve picked up trail running. There is something about getting away from everything and running uphill on rocks that just does it.

  • I’m a big baseball fan, especially the Yankees. I love listening to baseball games on the radio outside on a summer night. Before COVID, I loved going to visit each of the baseball stadiums.

  • I’m probably eating a taco.