Helping consumers save money and headache on electricity with Real Simple Energy.

6 Weeks—2018: Product Design, Design Sprint, Visual Design, HTML/CSS

Screenshot of an iteration of the homepage. Text says: Save big on electricity, with zero hassle.


Real Simple Energy came to thoughtbot with a problem and idea. They saw people struggling in the Houston area as a result of selecting private electricity providers. The providers were using unethical techniques to enroll users into plans that weren't a good fit for them. That's where Real Simple Energy steps in.


Our team was fully remote with the RSE team in Dallas and Houston, as well as the thoughtbot team in Austin and NYC. The timeline for the project was tight. We kept the launched features list low by running a remote design workshop, conducting Jobs-to-be-Done switch interviews, rapidly prototyping, and continually evaluating scope as a team. Read more about the team's work on Real Simple Energy