Hey, I'm Kyle

I plan, design, test, and build digital products at thoughtbot.

I enjoy working through complex problems and coming up with simple solutions. I use tools such as research, design thinking, design sprints, and jobs-to-be-done to help me best understand what a product is trying to solve. I ship early and iterate. I enjoy a well-made peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut in two triangles.


  1. Discovering Coffee

    For the longest time I’ve been a coffee hold out. I swore that I didn’t need it to wake up in the morning. To tell you the truth I always hated the smell and taste of coffee. That was the main reason that I never started drinking it. I’ve been told over and over that it’s more of an acquired taste, which I’ve found out it is, but I never had a desire to acquire it. I still drink my fair share of tea though as if somehow that is a ton better.

  2. Getting things done

    Only a few months ago I recorded an episode of Tentative where Reda and I talked about the tools we use. During it I unabashedly said that I use email for my task list and that I find comfort in it’s simplicity. It’s turned into a lie.

  3. Six years

    “If you start with an in-house position, it will be almost impossible to later obtain an agency position.” After finding out that I was applying to both in-house and agency jobs, the agency owner I was interviewing with lectured me on being careful about which I chose. I was fresh out of college, becoming a little desperate for a job and interviewing at both types of positions. I desperately wanted to be an agency designer and his place was epically cool. They created advertising for well-known brands, won numerous awards, and were recognized in the area for their design.

  4. Building Learning into our Process with Prototypes

    Wilbur and Orville Wright based their designs of the first airplane from countless hours studying birds in flight. They scrutinized the air patterns surrounding their wings as they flew and analyzed how they were able to keep control. They also gathered as many books as possible on the topic of birds – they even wrote to the Smithsonian Institution to borrow from their collection.


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