Hey, I'm Kyle

I plan, design, test, and build digital products at thoughtbot.

I enjoy working through complex problems and coming up with simple solutions. I use tools such as research, design thinking, design sprints, and jobs-to-be-done to help me best understand what a product is trying to solve. I ship early and iterate. I enjoy a well-made peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut in two triangles.


  1. Building Learning into our Process with Prototypes

    Wilbur and Orville Wright based their designs of the first airplane from countless hours studying birds in flight. They scrutinized the air patterns surrounding their wings as they flew and analyzed how they were able to keep control. They also gathered as many books as possible on the topic of birds – they even wrote to the Smithsonian Institution to borrow from their collection.

  2. Merck Developer Portal Case Study

    In the last few years, Merck has hired more developers in several offices around the world and adopted newer web and mobile technologies. Because of this, they realized that their developers had a huge amount of combined knowledge, most of which was contained in silos. Many people weren’t tapping into the expertise or knowledge of others within the company, or were only using personal networks to get access to isolated knowledge.

  3. Test-Driven Product Design

    Our developers follow Test-Driven Development, or TDD, which is a development process where they write tests for features before writing the code to build said features. These tests outline the steps the users must take to get to their expected outcome.

  4. Blurred Lines

    In order to design their iconic furniture, Charles and Ray Eames first created a new technique to mold wood, and then produced their own tools to enable this technique. Throughout the process, they were constantly learning more about the wood they were working with. How far could they bend it before it cracked? Which directions seemed fluid, and which forced? Without their intimate knowledge of the materials they were working with, the molded plywood furniture that they so carefully created would not exist.


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