I plan, design, test, and build digital products at thoughtbot.

When building products, my effort is channeled into creating the correct product using tools such as research, design thinking, design sprints, and jobs-to-be done to help me best understand a product’s need. I always place empathy at the forefront of my process. I ship early and iterate to learn how people use what I’ve built.

Most recent writing

  1. Launch when you aren’t ready

    I launched my site knowing it was far from perfect. It wasn’t responsive. It didn’t display any particularly appealing animations. It was lacking polish in several places. Regardless of this knowledge, I still chose to launch.  

  2. DIY Design Sprints

    Before each design sprint that I lead, I formulate an initial plan in order to feel confident about the schedule going into the sprint. admit that this process is a bit haphazard. To frame my plan, I reflect back on prior sprints to analyze what went well and what needed improvement.

  3. Converting to Jobs Stories

    We have used user stories as part of our design and development process for many years. You could find several mentions of them throughout our playbook. We used user stories to give designers and developers context to the problems that the user is having and give space for them to solve that problem while building the product.

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When I’m not at my computer, I’m probably with my wife and two kids.

We love hanging out, going for walks with our two puppies, and watching movies together. To hear more about my adventures through life, follow me on Twitter, view my latest project on Dribbble, find out what I’m posting on Tumblr, and check out my open source work on GitHub. I co-run Refresh Philly, Build Guild Philly, and Baseball Hack Day. I’ll always enjoy a well-made peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut in two triangles.