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Hi, I’m Kyle! I plan, design, test, and build digital products. I encourage, support, and mentor other designers as Chief Design Officer at thoughtbot.

I enjoy working through complex problems and coming up with simple solutions. I use tools such as research, design thinking, design sprints, and Jobs-to-be-done to help me best understand what a product is trying to solve. I ship early and iterate. I enjoy a well-made peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut in two triangles. Drop a line.

  1. Personal Values

    What makes me, me.

  2. How Do You Learn?

  3. Balancing work with the rest of life

  4. Remember It Now

  5. Obligatory Redesign Post

  6. Higher Level Problems

  7. Setting up my physical workspace

  8. The Importance of Exercise

  9. Drunk on Conversation

  10. Space to think

  11. The 80/20 rule of my tools

  12. News, keeping up to date and heading back to RSS

  13. Getting things done

  14. Six years

  15. Building Learning into our Process with Prototypes

  16. Merck Developer Portal Case Study

  17. Test-Driven Product Design

  18. Blurred Lines

  19. Things I learned by doing 3 talks in 3 days in Chicago

  20. How We Use Trello for Product Design and Development

  21. Lets blow this fucker up, again

  22. Philly joins Boston and Montreal in hosting 2nd annual Baseball Hack Day

  23. Launch when you aren’t ready

  24. DIY Design Sprints

  25. Converting to Jobs Stories

  26. The difference between perfection and iterating

  27. Increasing and decreasing my barrier for entry