Lets blow this fucker up, again

One of the goals for relaunching this site was to teach me a lesson in iteration and motivation. I wanted to see how badly I could push a redesign over two nights on a weekend and then see how much I could iterate on top of that. I’ve managed to keep up and build something that I am sort of proud of. Throughout that process though, the design time has taken away from what the original goal I had, to write more. So while visually it made me feel better about my online presence it didn’t accomplish what I wanted.

Recently, one of my articles gave Kevin the shot in the arm that he needed to start again on his site. This is better than any other outcome than I could have hoped with the site and it was my shitty words and not the average design that drove him to redesigning. For the longest time, I’ve wondered if anything I had to say actually mattered. It’s one of the reasons that this site stayed as a giant portrait of myself. To inspire a designer that I admire is certainly proof that it might.

So I’m blowing this thing up again. I want to go back to focusing on the words and I want the design to reflect that. It’s where I want to improve as a designer and it’s where I hopefully can have a bigger impact. Lets face it I’m not going to blow anyones mind with my visual design but just maybe I’ll be able to reach out and inspire someone other than Kevin to design from a different angle.

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