I iteratively plan, design, test, and build digital products.

I rely on tools like design research and Jobs-to-be-Done to work through complex problems and design appropriate solutions. At 🤖 thoughtbot, I'm creating an environment for designers to be fulfilled in their work. I encourage, support, and coach designers.

Kyle speaking in front of a whiteboard

Personal Values

These values define who I would like to be 😀, as well as what is intrinsically important. I revisit these values at the end of each calendar year to recommit to myself and make new discoveries about who I am.

  • Be sustainable

    Maintain energy and patience to build and strengthen relationships. Life is a marathon not a sprint, but make the best use of time that you’ve been gifted. Don't waste or create waste.

  • Spread kindness & support others

    Give as much as you can to those who have less. Help lift others to give them a chance to rise. 📢 Amplify voices that might have otherwise gone unheard.

  • Always iterate

    Nothing is ever flawless, and nothing is ever done. There is always room to grow and improve in every aspect of life. Do not rely on anyone else to set your direction or hold you accountable.

  • Contribute to something bigger

    What you decide to work on and who you work on it will define who you are and will define the community around you. 🏕 Leave everything better than you found it.

  • Simple is imperfect

    Add purposefully and remove when possible. Avoid justification of the new and see the value in what you already have. Embrace inconsistencies, mistakes, and flaws.

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