Things I learned by doing 3 talks in 3 days in Chicago

I’ve spent the last few days in Chicago. During my trip I gave 3 talks in 3 days. It was a little grueling but I learned a lot about speaking and a lot about my self. Things that if they were spaced out I think I would miss out on.

  • I say “ummm” and “so” a lot.
  • If I have presenter notes up I will read them (and not look at my audience).
  • I am mentally exhausted after giving a talk and need alone time after to recharge.
  • I love answering questions more than preparing the talk.
  • It’s awesome to have video of your talk.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice.
  • No amount of good feedback will change my mind about how well or not well I did.
  • There is only so much talking my throat can take.
  • The room makes a big difference.
  • I talk with my hands even though I think I don’t.
  • I actually talk at a good pace.
  • Simple slides are the best kind of slides.
  • I’m not nearly as nervous as I used to be.
  • I want unbiased feedback and advise on how to get better at talking but can’t get it.
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