The Writing Habit

I had a pretty good string of blog posts that lasted until halfway through the year last year. Reflecting on the year, I was thinking about what made me stop writing. My initial assumption was that I was doing a lot more writing internally for thoughtbot, and that fulfilled my writing requirement. Reading through Atomic Habits, I believe it’s because I let the habit of writing slip. I missed one post and then another and then another. It’s challenging to pick habits back up when that happens.

I’ve thought through and documented the habits that I’d like to create throughout the year in 2020. Of course, one of those habits is writing again on this site so that reflection will help me not repeat the same mistakes. Using some of the recommendations in Atomic Habits, I hope that I’m able to keep many of them much more consistent than last year. Based on some of the suggestions from James Clear, I’m setting a more specific time and space when I hope to build the habit, starting small, and pairing it with my morning coffee to help me achieve that goal. I’m doing the same thing with other practices that have eluded me like meditating consistently and journaling.

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