Using Jobs-to-be-Done to organize my closet

This weekend I wanted to clean out my closet to better organize and get rid of pieces that I no longer wear or need. This started out as it usually does with me filtering out clothes folding and putting others back. This time I found myself staring at my shelf of tees. They’re the first things that I look at when looking into my closet, and I thought they would be the most obvious place to pair down.

As I looked at them, I realized that while I had a lot of them, they did many different things. Some were for working out, some were pajamas, and some were my day-in-day-out solid color tees. Then my designer brain kicked in; these are Jobs-to-be-Done. Why am I grouping them together by their category, tee shirts, and not the jobs that they do?

I moved my pajama tees with my sweat pants, my workout shirts with my workout shorts, and moved my jeans up next to my casual tees. And there you have it. Now my closet is organized by Jobs and not their category.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, this was super nerdy.

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