The Lost Cat

This Friday, my sons and I took our dog for a chilly evening walk after dinner. As we were coming home, I noticed a cat outside wandering in the street. I was shocked by how easily it approached us and how friendly it was. Based on its character, I thought that this must be someone’s loved pet, we let it follow us home and took it in for the night. Hoping that if my dog ever escaped, someone would do the same for them. My partner posted on local Facebook groups and Nextdoor hoping that the owner who was surely missing their animal was checking for it. We went the night without making that connection.

We took the cat into the vet to see if it had a microchip and if that would lead us to its owner. We thought that we were in luck when they told us it had a chip. After talking to the chip company and knowing they got ahold of the owner, the minutes that we didn’t get a call back were excruciating. After a couple of hours, we called the chip company again, but at this point, we had assumed that the cat was not wanted by whomever this was.

I write about this because the cat and the owner have taken over my headspace. I can’t get over how someone could dump an animal like that. I can’t get over the meanness of humans.

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