Improving information for customers looking for support for Infura

A few months after starting at Infura, I saw a gap in my time and availability for a new project. Unfortunately, at the time, the rest of the product and development teams were working on other high-priority projects. I saw this as an opportunity to take on some clean-up work for the app UI that would keep me busy and out of the way. I noticed that the support page for the application hadn't been updated visually in a while and could probably be more helpful for both our users and our support team.

At Infura, projects like this start with a product proposal. Typically written out by the Product Managers, the proposal gathers information about the project, why its worth taking it on, and what we hope to gain from the work. I captured the issues I saw with the support page and talked to our support staff to get a sense of what their biggest problems were and if there were simple ways to solve them. From those conversations, I filled out the proposal and had it reviewed by the VP of Product and our Director of Design.

I worked through lofi sketches in Figma to get a sense from the team if the direction I was heading in felt right. I received quick feedback from the team that I was and kept on pushing forward.

I started swapping out the lofi sketches for hifi design system components. I gathered existing content in our community forum, faq, and docs as wasy for users to self-solve some of the most common problems we saw in support channels. While not the most ideal solution, this content didn’t need additional investment from our busy writers. I figured that if this design was successful, we could prioritize writing new content to assist users to self solve their problems.

Following design approval from the Director of Design and VP of Product on the mock-ups in Figma, I got my local development environment up and running. I started to build the new design utilizing existing React components from Storybook and creating custom styles when needed.

A few weeks after the initial project proposal, Infura released the new support page. With minimal effort and attention from the rest of the team, I shipped updated designs to the support page.

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